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Jan 30 2012

Our Article Of The Month: Why Taking A Compliment = Being Mindfully Self-Appreciative . . .

Self-appreciation is essential to our having a healthy holistic, balanced and contented lifestyle. It’s also another form of self-validation.

When we mindfully and naturally validate ourselves, we don’t fruitlessly look for appreciation and validation from other folk, who really can’t give us this, nor any real or lasting sense of self-worth anyway.

While it’s really unfortunate that as wimmin we’re often socialized into looking outside ourselves for it; It’s simply not possible for us to receive the external validation we might [unrealistically] crave from others.

Ironically, validation from others can only have real meaning when we are able to do it for ourselves first.

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Jun 21 2011

Are You An Introvert & Proud To Be One? Our April ~ May Bi-Monthly Article : Are You An Introvert & Proud To Be One? On The Matter of The Hidden Gifts Of Being Introverted . . . by AfraShe Asungi, LCSW, MSW, MFA ~ April ~ May, 2011 Having had to learn to SheCreate™ a viable lifestyle that jived with […]

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Jan 27 2011

Our January Article Of The Month : Simple Ways to WellBalance ™ Acute Stress . . .

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Here’s Our Additional WellBalance ™ Suggestion for How you can Develop a Few Simple Relaxation and Stress Reduction Tools As Well As Your Willingness to Regularly Use Them:

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Aug 25 2010

A SistahPeaceful™ Welcome . . .

♥ A Peaceful Welcome to our new blog . . . .please excuse us while we continue to build this blog . . .in the meantime- please visit our other pages at SistahPeace™ WellBalance™ Counseling and Coaching Services at SistahPeacefully ™,

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